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The present privacy policy of GRAPIN AG and GRAPIN Data Center AG (hereinafter referred to as "GRAPIN") is intended to provide users of their website and their customers with an overview of how their personal data is collected, stored, processed, passed on and transmitted when visiting the website and using the services of GRAPIN.

For reasons of easier readability, the usual masculine language form is largely used for personal nouns and pronouns in this privacy policy. However, this does not imply preference for one sex or discrimination against the other sex, but should be understood as gender-neutral in the sense of linguistic simplification. 

The privacy policy only applies to visitors to the website and users of the services of GRAPIN. It does not apply to data from websites and services that are not operated, offered or controlled by GRAPIN. Furthermore, this privacy policy does not apply to websites on which the GRAPIN website is linked.

This privacy policy is in accordance with national and international data protection regulations, in particular the DGSVO of the European Union, and the Swiss Federal Law on Data Protection (DSG).

The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide information about the data protection measures taken by GRAPIN. The trust of visitors to the website and users of the services offered by GRAPIN is important to GRAPIN. For this reason, the collection and processing of personal data is explained in detail below.

Should visitors to the website and users of GRAPIN services have further questions that cannot be answered by this Privacy Policy, GRAPIN is always available to answer such questions.